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Terms & Conditions Say something to Lucas & Steve

These Terms & Conditions (hereafter the “Contest Rules”) apply to the Say something to Lucas & Steve challenge and all related activities (hereafter the “Challenge”). The Challenge can be found on https://lucasandsteve.com/. By participating in the Challenge, the participant (hereafter the “Participant”) agrees to the Contest Rules below.

  1. The Participant guarantees that the Participants is above the age of 18 or has the consent to participate by his or her legal guardian.
  2. Participant is obliged to provide correct, current and complete information when such information is requested by Lucas & Steve.
  3. Participation is free. Participation takes place when the Participant sends a text message between January 28th, 2019 and February 6th, 2019 via WhatsApp to the Contest’s phone number (hereafter each a “Competitive Element”).
  4. Lucas & Steve, at their sole discretion, will judge and decide if the Competitive Element submitted by the Participant is a winning submission. Lucas & Steve will inform the winning Participants through a notification on the phone number from which the winning Competitive Element was submitted.
  5. There will be no correspondence regarding the result of the Contest and/or the prizes.
  6. The prizes are personal and are in the name of the Participant / winner. The prizes are non-transferable, redeemable or able to cash out or exchange for other products or services. In case of refusal or non-acceptance of a prize, the prize will not be awarded. Lucas & Steve are always entitled to award the prize to another Participant or decide to not award any or all prizes at all.
  7. Participant acknowledges that the main prize of the Challenge, the Lucas & Steve Valentine’s Restaurant (hereinafter: the “Event”), is awarded in the state and form determined exclusively by Lucas & Steve. Participant guarantees that the Participant will provide full cooperation to Lucas & Steve for the realization of the Event. If no cooperation is given, Lucas & Steve will be entitled to not award the prize to the Participant.
  8. The production of the Event is realized by Lucas & Steve or by a third party to be appointed by Lucas & Steve’. All (exploitation) rights relating to the Event remain reserved to Lucas & Steve and the Participant guarantees that Lucas & Steve can make recordings of the Event and can freely exploit these recording including the possible use of Participant’s likeness and biographical particulars. The Participant allows Lucas & Steve to use the recordings and / or own recordings on their own website and / or social media channels of Lucas & Steve or third parties.
  9. Additionally, Lucas & Steve, at their sole discretion, may award Sony mobile telephones as prizes to participants.
  10. Only Competitive Elements that have been received by Lucas & Steve before the expiry of the deadline of the Challenge on February 6th, 2019 will be judged by Lucas & Steve.
  11. Each Participant may submit a maximum of one (1) Competitive Element. If Participant submits more than one (1) Competitive Element, only the competitive element that was first received by Lucas & Steve will be judged.
  12. The prize for the winners of the Challenge is the following:

– The 5 (five) Participant (s) who text the best dating stories win access to the Event on February 14th, 2019. Participant agrees to be available on February 14th, 2018 and present at the Event.

– Additionally, Lucas & Steve, upon their sole discretion, may award Sony mobile telephones to a number of Participants.

– Lucas & Steve may at all times decide to not award prizes or only a part of the prizes.

  1. The prizes are awarded in The Netherlands. Lucas & Steve are not responsible for any visible or hidden defects in the prizes nor for any damage incurred by Participants as a result of Participant’s use of any of the prizes or participation in the Event.
  2. Participant gives consent to the processing of personal data including the personal data shared via WhatsApp in connection with participation in the Challenge. In case Participant wins the prize, Participant gives consent to the processing of video images including the aforementioned recordings. Processing of data will be treated confidentially in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  3. The personal data will only be used in connection with the Challenge, awarding the prizes, the Event and any recordings made of the Event. In that context, Participant consents to Lucas & Steve providing the personal data to third parties who are involved in the Challenge to the extent required for executing each party’s obligations in connection with the Challenge and/or the Event.
  4. Any personal data acquired by Lucas & Steve, except for personal data that is present in recordings of the Event, will be erased and/or deleted upon completion of the challenge, the awarding of prizes and after the Event.
  5. Lucas & Steve are entitled at all times to change and/or amend these Contest Rules at any time and without prior notice, or to abandon, modify or adjust the Challenge without giving any reason. Lucas & Steve are in no way liable for compensation for damage to the Participant. Alteration and / or adaptation of the Challenge will be made public by Lucas & Steve on their website.
  6. If one or more provisions of the Contest Rules are void or invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions in the Contest Rules.
  7. Lucas & Steve remain the right to exclusively decide upon cases not provided for by Contest Rules, or any other documents issued by Lucas & Steve, applicable to the Challenge.
  8. Dutch law applies to these Contest Rules. Any dispute arising out of the Challenge will exclusively be brought before the competent court of law in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.









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